“Thank you for all the constructive feedback you are giving me with each completed lesson. It has all been so useful and this class continues to have a great impact on my life.” – online Foundation Studies Program student

Mission and Purpose

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The Institute was founded in 1998 in order to provide Waldorf/Steiner teacher training and Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy. After a phase of individual mentoring, a group of parents and teachers requested Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education in Viroqua, Wisconsin (USA).

Sophia Institute Summer Intensives course
Institute Early Childhood course


nstitute Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Staff

Institute faculty, adjunct faculty and staff include Waldorf teachers and Waldorf teacher trainers, art teachers, Eurythmists, group leaders and crafts teachers from around the world. Please find a list of our faculty, adjunct faculty and staff here.

Waldorf puppetry performance for children

Support and Log In Info

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About Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner wanted to nurture a path of knowledge to meet today’s deep and urgent needs. Those ideals may guide people to find a continuing inspiration in Anthroposophy for their lives and work. More …

Feedback and Reviews

Please find feedback and reviews by Institute students. Here …


Institute offers a variety of programs, courses, publications and other resources to anyone interested in Anthroposophy and Waldorf/Steiner inspired education. Currently there are students from all over the world enrolled in the Institute online courses. Local facilitated groups offer the Foundation Studies Program in several locations in the US and Canada.  Institute publications are available worldwide.Institute newsletter and blog provide insights and information concerning the work of Anthroposophical initiatives, Waldorf/Steiner Schools, the Camphill Movement, and related endeavors.


There are three ways in which a teacher can motivate a child to learn: fear, ambition or love. In Waldorf/Steiner education we dispense on the whole with the first two and attempt to awaken in the students a feeling of love for the subject at hand. Only this can in turn awaken in the students an interest for the subject itself and not merely the wish to gain good grades or personal advantages.

– Rudolf Steiner